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When you graduate high school, you join a local and international community of alumni who are becoming leaders in their local and global communities. Interested going abroad with your college or university? Find out how you can organize an international exchange program.

Stay Connected

Join fellow alumni and other Global Student Embassy affiliates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to share your thoughts, get updates, and learn about professional and service opportunities.

Reach Out

Global Student Embassy staff is ALWAYS here to help you think about college, plan a gap year, embark on a trip, build your career, and continue to reach your potential.  It doesn’t matter how long ago (or recently) you graduated – we love hearing from you!  Keep us updated and never hesitate to reach out.

Empower Others to Get Involved

Who better to encourage students to get involved in GSE than someone from the same high school? Get in touch with your local Program Coordinator to learn how you can help recruit new students.

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