Our Mission

Global Student Embassy’s mission is to develop community leaders through action oriented environmental education.

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Our Partner Communities

GSE works in three global communities engaging local students in year-round education and action to address climate change, food security and ecological degradation. Reciprocal exchanges connect our students to collaborate on sustainable garden and reforestation projects.

GSE’s Programs Integrate:

Global Leadership Education Programs

Local program directors engage student leadership groups in critical thinking about their role as youth in creating solutions to local and global challenges.

Project-Based Learning and Community Service

Organic gardens and nature preserves serve as outdoor classrooms to develop ecological literacy and the skills necessary to plan and implement projects.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Annual reciprocal exchanges between Northern California and Latin America unite our young leaders to collaborate  on impactful projects in each community.

Our Impact

Youth Voices

Maya Boone
Analy High School
Sonoma County, CA

“GSE has helped me realize the potential that my peers and I have to impact the world. There are kids in my community who care and want to unite to address the problems in our world. Together we have the power to create amazing things.”

Juan Silva
Alberto Berrios
Leon, Nicaragua

“It is a really beautiful experience to be working with GSE, I have learned a lot and shared a lot with other young people. While visiting GSE programs in California I was able to see a lot of gardens and help expand the programs there. I will bring new things to teach my community back in Nicaragua.”

Global Student Embassy

Student Voices

“My experience [during GSE exchange programs]  is that we learn to work in groups as one family all together for one reason, to help the planet.”
— Silvia Luque


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